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Why Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

In Hearing Aids by Dr. Maya Berenson, AuD

If you suffer from hearing loss, you may be advised to wear hearing aids. In many cases, hearing is better in one ear than the other, but audiologists will almost always recommend wearing hearing aids in both ears. Here are some of the reasons why wearing two hearing aids is better than one. Conditioning Your Ears Your ears aren’t muscles, but there’s an …

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How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

In Hearing Health, Hearing Loss by Dr. Maya Berenson, AuD

When you are experiencing severe hearing loss, you could find yourself trapped in a world of your own. You are left out of conversations and you are socially isolated – whether at work or not – because people constantly repeating themselves means that gradually, you have been shunned. It’s not nice for anyone to go through, but if you are currently …