Hearing Aid Fitting

What can I expect at my hearing aid fitting appointment?

During the hearing aid evaluation the hearing results are discussed in detail and based on your hearing, your lifestyle, and your budget hearing aids are recommended. Once appropriate hearing aids are selected, your audiologist will program the hearing aids specific to your hearing needs based on a prescriptions obtained from the hearing test. The audiologist will go over the use and maintenance of the hearing aids, proper insertion/removal, battery change, and appropriate cleaning. It is advised to bring a 3rd party with you to have a familiar set of ears during this appointment.

Realistic expectations for first time wearers

It is important to understand that hearing loss is progressive and with appropriately fit hearing aids you will be hearing sounds you have been missing for years. You may experience different emotions about the sounds that you hear and this is completely normal. It is also important to understand that you now have a foreign object in your ears and you may experience some temporary itching while your ear canals adjust to the new hearing aids. The goal is to make everyday sounds audible and comfortable, but the sound you hear should be clear and pleasant.

What maintenance is involved?

Keep in mind that when you go home with your hearing aids it is encouraged to keep a wearing schedule. You have not heard certain sounds as loudly as a normal hearing ear in space and it takes the brain time to adjust. We recommend that you wear the hearing aids for an hour and do a tour of your house for the first day, with each day increases the amount of time you wear the hearing aid to slowly acclimate. Additionally, it is recommended you keep a sound diary of your listening experiences since the hearing aids are customized to your liking and you may need adjustments within the first several months.

Attitude is one important key to success with hearing aids. If you, as well as your spouse or family, approach your hearing aid fitting with a positive outlook you will have a much better listening experience more quickly. Keep in mind that it may take some time to get used to the sounds you were missing, and by working closely with your hearing professional, you will get the most out of your new hearing aids.

Follow up protocol: What if my hearing aids need a fit/sound adjustment?

At Palm Beach Hearing Associates, we are here to ensure that your hearing aids work optimally for you. If you find that you need adjustments, contact us to schedule an appointment.