Pediatric Audiology

Children who have some degree of hearing loss typically show signs of behavioral and speech related concerns. Pediatric audiologists can diagnose speech and hearing related disorders early on and treat immediately to preserve hearing.

How Can You Tell If Your Child Might Have A Hearing Loss?

  • Speaks loudly
  • Attention problems
  • Only responds when face-to-face
  • Has a delayed reaction when spoken to
  • Has no response when called upon
  • Has trouble following directions
  • Seems isolated and hermit

What Is Pediatric Audiology?

A pediatric audiologist is a healthcare professional who can diagnose and treat hearing related issues in infants/children. The treatment process involves first diagnosing the hearing impairment through various forms of testing. Based on the degree and severity of hearing loss a hearing device would be recommended. Aural rehabilitation is crucial to make sure that the child is adequately using their hearing and speech development is intact. It is also important for family/teachers/other legal guardians to understand how the devices work and be hands on in how to troubleshoot if needed. Especially for children, the sooner a hearing impairment is detected the greater chance for preservation, optimal speech development, optimal behavioral and cognitive development.

What Conditions Do Pediatric Audiologists Treat?

  • Evaluation of hearing loss and treatment via. Hearing aid devices
  • Detect malformations of different areas of the ear
  • Sensory hearing disorders
  • Detection and removal of foreign objects from the ear canal

What Can I Expect At A Pediatric Audiology Appointment?

Upon initial visit the audiologist will do a medical history in order to find out the possible natural of hearing loss, level of severity at home/school, noticeable speech delays, any pregnancy related concerns. The diagnostic evaluation will follow which includes an Otoscopic examination of the ear canal, followed by middle ear testing to rule out ear disorders/infections, audiometric pure tone and speech testing to determine the degree/type of hearing loss.

A detailed explanation of the findings will be discussed with yourself and 3rd party. The treatment option will be recommended based on the findings of the test results and child’s age. Additional (ALD) hearing support may be recommended for use within the school setting. The audiologist will discuss with you the realistic expectations of the treatment options and it would be up to you are the legal guardian to make the final decision. We are your support system and will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your child is hearing optimal.