Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak hearing aids are designed to automatically adjust to the listening environment, and their latest AutoSenseOS 3.0 program works to provide the best combination of programs and settings for the sounds around you. Phonak is known for delivering exceptional sound quality from the very first fitting, and amazing speech understanding in even the toughest listening environments. You’ll enjoy reduced listening effort as the Phonak platform analyzes the environment and helps you focus on the sounds that are important.


Audeo Marvel

The latest hearing aid in the Audeo family is Marvel, and it features Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology, allowing you to understand speech like never before. You’ll hear everything that’s being said not only in the ear closest to the sound source, but in the other ear as well, and this increases speech understanding and reduces listening effort.

Audeo B

The Audeo B is a favorite among Phonak users, and it features easy listening with the AutoSenseOS system, as well as rechargeable technology and world class hearing performance. The Audeo B devices are also Bluetooth enabled, and you can connect them directly to you iPhone or other Bluetooth enabled device for the best in sound streaming and connectivity.

Virto B - Titanium

Another innovation from Phonak is their Virto B device, made from titanium. This metal is extremely durable and strong, as well as lightweight. Titanium is often used in medical products and in high-end sports good. In the Virto B, titanium provides the best in hearing technology and durability, and the elegant design also features Phonak’s signature AutoSenseOS technology.