Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Think about the ease of streaming phone calls, music, TV shows, or even driving directions right to your ears anytime and anywhere. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow you to connect with other technology with the simple tap of a button, and you can experience music and audio in high definition right in your ears. You’ll never have to strain to hear phone calls, or rely on closed captioning to make sense of the plot of your favorite TV show.

Bluetooth technology makes hearing effortless and convenient, and you won’t have to sacrifice sound quality to hear what’s been said. You can use your hearing aids as custom earbuds, and stream audio from all your electronic devices right to your ears, making your listening experience more enjoyable. Whether at home in front of the TV, talking on the phone in the grocery store, or listening to driving directions as you navigate in an unfamiliar part of town, these advanced connectivity features will make your life a lot easier.

Setting Up Bluetooth

Are you considering a Bluetooth enabled device? You might have to take a couple lessons from the kids, and learn how to operate the connectivity features of your new hearing aids. Pairing devices to your hearing aids might require you to learn a bit more about your technology. Some hearing aid models can connect directly to your iPhone or smartphone. Other devices are Bluetooth compatible, but will require you to wear a small transmitter accessory so that your hearing aids can pick up on the sounds you want to stream to your devices.

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