Rexton Hearing Aids

One of the core values of Rexton is that quality hearing technology should be available to everyone. They’ve designed a family of hearing aids that do just that, and with speech understanding, durable technology, and programs and features that can be adjusted to fit your personal needs, Rexton is living up to their goals. Speech enhancement is at the center of their operating platform, since they believe communication is the key to a happy life. Their devices also feature the Music Enhancer program for music enjoyment, as well as directionality technology.

Bi-Core Hearing Aids

A smooth all-round hearing experience

Whatever the situation, it’s always important that you can recognize the sounds around you. BiCore hearing aids ensure you can clearly hear speech sounds such as a remark made by a colleague or friend, while also staying aware of other sounds in the environment such as the sounds of machinery, a phone ringing, or background music.

Watch the video and check the difference in hearing with and without BiCore Technology.


M-Core Hearing Aids

When you trust your senses to keep you safe and sound – hearing clearly in every situation is a must. Rexton's latest generation of hearing aids use proven MotionCore technology to recognize and adapt to your environment, automatically.

They are designed to be durable, practical and easy to use. So you can rely on Rexton in any situation. With proven MotioCore technology, M-Core hearing aids can automatically recognize and adapt to your environment better than ever. MotionCore recognizes up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models, so you can rely on Rexton whether you are on the job, spending time with your family, or taking a well-deserved break.

      Emerald S RIC

      Emerald S RIC

      The Emerald S RIC hearing aids are one of Rexton’s best loved hearing aids. They’re small and comfortable to wear, but have enough power to provide a wide range of programs to suit your hearing needs. They’re the perfect balance between size and battery life, and you’ll enjoy clear hearing for days without needing to change the battery. With direct Bluetooth streaming, you can connect to the technology that you love, and hear clearly.

      Mosaic M BTE

      Mosaic M BTE

      If you’ve been looking for a Behind the Ear device, Mosaic is a great option that will give you reliable hearing all day every day. It fits every ear and level of hearing loss, and the programs can be customized to match your unique hearing needs. It can be controlled by either the Smart Direct App from your smartphone, or the with Smart Key Remote.