As hearing aid technology continues to improve, exciting new technology becomes available, and one revolutionary advancement is connectivity. Many of today’s leading hearing aid manufacturers have introduced Bluetooth enabled hearing aids that are changing the way people connect with their phones, and other technology they use every day. With a Bluetooth enabled hearing aid, you can effortlessly connect your devices with your iPhone, smartphone, computer, TV, or even vehicle audio system.


CaptionCall is a phone service that’s makes connecting with people over the phone truly effortless. We don’t want hearing loss to restrict the ways you can connect with family and friends, and CaptionCall will help you make the most of phone calls. This program listens to the voice on the other end of the phone, and provides real time captioning of what’s been said. It works exactly like a regular phone, and you can dial any number using the touchpad. Captioning of all audio will be displayed on a screen during the call, so you won’t have to ask the person on the other end to repeat themselves, or worry that you’ve misheard what’s been said.

Programs and Features of CaptionCall

With the CaptionCall phone, you won’t have to sacrifice sound quality, and you can adjust the frequency and volume settings based on your unique hearing loss. The captioning will be displayed on an easy to read 7” screen, and you can also adjust the text size to help you follow every word of the conversation. You can even save the captioning of your conversations to read them later. CaptionCall has a visual as well as audio ringer, and you’ll be notified by a flashing light or screen when you have an incoming call.

CaptionCall has recently released a more portable version of their software called CaptionCall Mobile that you can use with an iPad. If you have to take a call when you’re not at home, you can still have captioning of the entire phone call while you’re on the go.