Which Hearing Aid Brand Is The Best For Me?

In Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss by Dr. Maya Berenson, AuD

Dr. Maya Berenson, AuD
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As a provider, I receive this question quiet often. It is human nature to want the best so it is not out of character to want the best brand when it comes to hearing devices. However, when it comes to hearing it is important to understand that hearing is done with the brain and the ear simply funnels the sound in. Everyone interprets/processes sounds very different and this makes hearing highly subjective. It is therefore not accurate to read and rely on user reviews when it comes to brand. There is a handful of leading manufactures when it comes to hearing aids. All the leading brands are comparable on cost, quality, features, and accessories. Well, which is the best? Lets take the analogy of shopping for a car and taking the top 3 brands. Each are similar with premium packages (navigation, seat warmers, Bluetooth, color choices, and auto seat memory) however, the drive is different. You will have a clear preference after you test drive a car regarding the comfort and steering. With regards to hearing aids it is your brain that is doing the picking. Unless you try the hearing aid devices in your everyday world it is difficult to judge which would be the best for you. Your success fully lies in the capable hands and expertise of your provider. The hearing aids devices are adjusted to your hearing needs but more importantly to your lifestyle needs. Once you leave the office the first time after the fitting and get to experience your newly enriched hearing in your everyday world you will gather a listening diary. This listening diary is used to determine how much success you are having with a particular brand and whether an adjustment will help to fine tune the device or would it be worthwhile to try an alternative brand. Prior to switching brands the devices have to be worn from wake up to bedtime in order to give your brain an opportunity to adjust to all of the new sound exposure. Keep in mind you have not heard certain sounds in as long as you’ve had the hearing loss component and now, all of a sudden, your hearing is improved. Dedication from you as a patient to give your brain time to adjust to the new sounds is key. Being able to have a provider you can trust and feel comfortable sharing your hearing experience is critical. Our hearing center is fully focused on helping you hear better, making sure your hearing devices stay in your ears and not in your draw, and really that you forget you are wearing hearing aids.