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3 Things To Ask Your Audiologist About Hearing Aid Features

In Hearing Aids by Dr. Maya Berenson, AuD

Dr. Maya Berenson, AuD
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So, you decided to visit an audiologist to help rectify and treat your hearing loss issues. Well done! That is the first step towards getting the help and assistance you require to ensure you can continue to live a healthy life. In many instances, professional audiologists will recommend that you use hearing aids to counteract the hearing loss you experience. Many people know little about those devices, and so you might like to ask some of the questions published on this page to ensure you understand all the ins and outs. Once you know how your hearing aids are going to work; you should feel less apprehensive.

How Heavy Is The Hearing Aid And Will It Cause Discomfort?

One of the most critical features of any hearing aids relates to the weight of the device. The last thing you want is to wear something on your ear that is going to cause pain or discomfort. So, as your audiologist to provide you with weight information so you can work out whether or not the device is going to be too heavy. There are usually ways in which it is possible to counteract any discomfort from the positioning of the hearing aids, and so your audiologist will explain the ins and outs before offering potential solutions to any issues you might raise.

Will The Hearing Aid Adjust Volume Automatically?

You are going to move from loud to quiet environments all day long. So, it makes sense that you will want to know whether or not the hearing aid can automatically adjust volume based on the level of background noise. If the answer to that questions is no; you will have to manually mess around with the volume controls of your hearing aids. That means there is a small chance you could experience pain and discomfort if you move from a quiet area to a noisy one without making the adjustments. Thankfully, most hearing aids handle that without the need for human interaction these days.

Does The Hearing Aid Require Maintenance Or Battery Changes?

The batteries on some hearing aids can last for a long time. However, there are some devices where you might have to change the batteries and replace them with new ones every few days. It is critical that you ask your audiologist for advice when it comes to that question. Your hearing aids aren’t going to provide much of an improvement if they keep cutting out all the time due to a low battery. When you know the recommended schedule for replacing the batteries; you can make sure you never get caught short.

Now you know some of the best questions to ask your chosen audiologist about hearing aids during your next appointment; you should manage to get all the information you require. There are hundreds of different hearing aid products on the market right now, and your audiologist is the person best places to highlight the best models and brands. So, always take the advice of your chosen audiologist and remember all the information they hand out.