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Industrial Hearing Testing

Exposure to loud noise for extensive periods of time will result in hearing loss. For some professionals’ daily noise exposure is inevitable however, can still be preserved with proper action if taken immediately.

Industrial worker and other workers whom experience daily noise exposure are advised to undergo regular hearing tests to detect early signs of hearing
loss. Protecting your ears from harmful noises by wearing daily ear protection goes a long way in reducing permanent damage to your hearing.

Hearing Conservation Programs

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) devised a guide in order to standardize testing protocol and maximize hearing protection for industrial workers. Companies have the option to independently meet the OSHA requirements or out source to a hearing conservation company for the hearing evaluation, record keeping, and ensure that a company complies with safety regulations.

Hearing conservation companies usually have mobile hearing evaluation units that are used to travel and perform on-site hearing evaluation services by an Audiologist. If early signs of hearing loss are detected a comprehensive hearing evaluation is the necessary next step. Basic training on how to effectively fit and wear hearing protection devices is crucial.

Overall, hearing evaluations are an important part of keeping industrial working environments safe for employees. Each company will need to find industrial hearing testing solutions that work for them.